Main elements of QGMI strategy


In QGMI we treat our suppliers as partners. The key to this is to conduct our business in a manner that is ethical, committed, and fair. We expect the same from our business partners.

QGMI’s procurement process and supply chain focus on building a relationship with the best suppliers in the areas of innovation, compliance, quality, and sustainability.

To this purpose, suppliers are systematically monitored, and new partnerships are evaluated.

With a longstanding experience in EPC-F projects, QGMI has a growing base of, and diversified relationships with, key business partners that include leading technology, design, consultancy, and construction suppliers, as well as sub-contractors.

The list of sub-contractors and suppliers varies depending on the project’s scope, client, sector, country, and their specifics.

QGMI has a strategic interest in seeking out and evaluating opportunities for new alliances and partnerships with other companies, depending on the projects to be implemented.

Operating model

Business development

Technical proposal




We work to bridge the European bests practices and financing opportunities to contribute with our clients. It offers proximity to main historical partners, suppliers, decision makers involved in projects with private funding (banks, ECAs, insurers, OEMs) and new potential partners.

The markets, where we work to develop sustainable solutions, fit with the countries technical and financial needs. We support this development through specific hubs with strong local structure, comprising replicants of the major headquarters structures.

Structured Financing for Projects

As part of our comprehensive package of services, we provide support to our clients to access a structured financing applicable to their needs.

We do this by leveraging the relationships we have developed with financial institutions, including local and international commercial banks, private banks, export credit agencies and multilaterals.

We believe this is a key differentiator of our service offering, helping clients to secure the funding they require.

As part of this, we are also able to coordinate the environmental and social studies and requirements that might be a pre-condition to accessing financing for a project.

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