The QGMI Ethics and Compliance Programme is a strategic key element for companies’ sustainable grow. For us, compliance means much more than just adhering to the laws and to the regulations described in the QGMI compliance framework. Our Compliance Programme forms the basis for all our decisions and activities, and it is one of the main elements to conduct business.

For QGMI, the Ethics and Compliance Programme applies worldwide and across all levels of the organization. In addition to combating corruption, unfair competition and export-control violations, the compliance department also protects our company against fraud and money laundering and safeguards personal data and human rights. We are also committed to the highest international ethical standards and integrity initiatives such as the United Nation Global Compact and International Anticorruption Day celebration.

The QGMI Ethics and Compliance Programme is a constantly evolving crime prevention system, always seeking to anticipate trends in the sector, which has enabled it to obtain ISO 37001 (Anti-Bribery System) and UNE 19601 (Spanish System for the Management of Criminal Compliance) since June 2018.

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